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The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) Electronic Commerce Center (EC Center) has established standards for parts classification and description of characteristics and specifications, and has compiled these into a dictionary for various parts classes. This so-called ECALS dictionary corpus has been made publicly available free of charge. Based on the ECALS dictionary, the JEITA/EC Center has established a description format for exchanging technical information about electronic components, semiconductors, and other parts among companies, and also has developed the “ECALS Data Creation Assist Tool” to facilitate the exchange of ECALS parts information according to this standard. The tool is available free of charge from JEITA/EC Center, as one of the measures aimed at promoting the exchange of technical information about parts among companies.

(Please refer to the following URL to understand ECALS. (http://ec.jeita.or.jp/eng/modules/activities/index.php?content_id=4))

1. As a feature:

This tool has multiple functions like dictionary viewer, template generator, ECALS data check, data import, data export and data conversion. We think this tool is useful not only for dictionary recognition, but also for daily data creation and maintenance.

2. Outline of functions:

Function Outline
(1) Import function of ECALS dictionary.  
(2) Dictionary display function from class tree selection. You can view and understand ECALS dictionary easily by using the viewer function of this tool as ECALS dictionary is written in computer-readable form.
(3) Template creation function for data input. Required properties are displayed on a header. Moreover, property definition, ENUM value and etc. will be displayed as a comment.
(4) Importing and exporting of created ECALS data in CSV file format.  
(5) Importing and exporting of created ECALS data in XML file format.  
(6) Data check function. The confirmation of the character rule according to ECALS standards are performed.
(7) Data comparison function. You can confirm the discrepancy by comparing data on a same template.
(8) Data Conversion. The data Conversion to new dictionary template from old one using a property code (with a level).

3. Execution Environments of the S/W:


Some phenomena occurred that the error message said “Object library invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found.” and you could not use the tool.

Although this error is considered as a side effect of Windows Update for the security countermeasure of Microsoft, please refer to the following pdf document about the correspondence of the error avoidance at the time of this error occurring. Moreover, avoidance commands when using Windows7 64bit OS are also added.


We apologize for bothering everyone who uses the tool, and we appreciate your trying of the above-mentioned correspondence and continuing use of the tool.

Although error messages are different, some errors thought to be the influence by Windows Update are also reported. But, it is also confirmed that this workaround solved the problem. When an error occurs, please perform this workaround and check whether the problem has solved. When you can't avoid the problem, please contact to “Contact Us”.

Contact URL: https://ec.jeita.or.jp/inquiry/eng.html

Error messages indicated in the past: (All have been solved with this workaround.)

  • “Object library invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found.”
  • “Automation error (Error 440)”
  • “Compile error on hidden module: sheet1.”

To use the “ECALS Data Creation Assist Tool”, please download the tool after agreeing to the “Terms of use”.

Note: The “Terms of use” will become effective from the time of downloading.

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