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Applying for Initial Registration of a Universal Company Code

1) Remit the registration fee.

About the registration fee
The registration fee and the renewal fee, which is required every three years, are as follows.
If you require an invoice, please go to the following page, enter the necessary information, and then send the form to us.
Page for requesting an invoice

Capitalization category Registration fee/renewal fee
Companies with a capitalization exceeding 100 million yen 40,000 yen
Companies with a capitalization of 100 million yen or less 20,000 yen

Please remit the exact fee amount (40,000 yen or 20,000 yen) to the following bank.
You might be required to pay additional service fees and taxes in your country.

Sumitomo Mitsui BANK Marunouchi Branch Tokyo, Japan C/A No. 6855043

2) Enter the necessary information on the registration application page and then send the form to us.

Registration application page

3) You will be notified when registration has been completed.

About one week from the date that your application arrives at the EC Center, you will receive an e-mail notice reporting that registration has been completed. The notice will also include your company code.