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Applying for Cancellation


1. Conducting EDI requires universal company codes for the correct transmission and receipt of EDI data.
Even for Web EDI, company identification codes are necessary. When an order recipient wishes to apply for cancellation, the order recipient must first obtain the approval of order sources.

2. If you cancel your universal company code, the code becomes invalid, after which you will no longer be able to conduct EDI.
Please consider the consequences carefully. Your cancellation will be posted on our Web site in order to notify our member companies. You will also need to notify clients as well as divisions in your company, such the operations department and business and sales offices, that you have canceled the code.

3. In the event that your company code is canceled, you will not be able to send or receive orders via EDI. The EC Center will not be held responsible for any consequences that might arise from its cancellation.

(1) Go to the cancellation application page, enter the necessary information, and then send the form to us.

Cancellation application page

(2) You will be notified when cancellation has been completed.

About one week from the date that your application arrives at the EC Center, you will receive an e-mail notice reporting that your company code has been canceled.