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ECALS Dictionary (Ver 14.1) was opened to the public.

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (hereinafter referred to as JEITA) Electronic Commerce Center (hereinafter referred to as the EC Center) developed the “JEITA_AIS Creation Support Tool" according to specifications for adding original JEITA functions as an efficient tool for creating Article Information Sheets (hereinafter referred to as AIS), which is the standard form for reporting chemical substance information contained in the product between companies and is proposed by Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (hereinafter referred to as JAMP).
The EC Center published a banner for downloading this tool in free of charge on the website as a part of its efforts to encourage exchanges of environmental information among companies.

ECALS STEP-P21 Format Dictionary (Ver 013-01-01) can be downloaded from now.

ECALS Dictionary (Ver 13.1) was opened to the public.

The download free site for "ECALS data creation assist tool" was opened on right side of EC-center home pege.
You can easily create ECALS data by input of parts information into excel sheet of this tool.

The service for providing the tool of ECALS dictionary viewer was over.
Please use "ECALS data creation assist tool" provided to the public on 2011/06/24 instead of using the ECALS dictionary viewer. The function of the ECALS dictionary viewer has been took over to the new tool, and the template sheet for the ECALS data input is prepared in new tool.

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