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ECALS Dictionary (Ver 17.1) was opened to the public.

We have reviewed the execution environment because of the support ending of WindowsXP by Microsoft.
Please see "3 Execution Environments of the S/W" on the following link address as for the recommended execution environment.

"ECALS Data Creation Assist Tool" Download

We had applied the JAMP declarable substances search list of version 4.030 updated on March 2015 into the JEITA_AIS Creation Support Tool.

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) Electronic Commerce Center (EC Center) has established standards for parts classification and description of characteristics and specifications, and has compiled these into a dictionary for various parts classes. This so-called ECALS dictionary corpus has been made publicly available free of charge. Based on the ECALS dictionary, the JEITA/EC Center has established a description format for exchanging technical information about electronic components, semiconductors, and other parts among companies, and also has developed the "ECALS Data Creation Assist Tool" to facilitate the exchange of ECALS parts information according to this standard. The tool is available free of charge from JEITA/EC Center, as one of the measures aimed at promoting the exchange of technical information about parts among companies.

"ECALS Data Creation Assist Tool" Download

ECALS Dictionary (Ver 16.1) was opened to the public.

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