Implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI, a mechanism for the standardization of the format of and electronic exchange of inter-business transaction information) requires specific codes to identify the companies sending and receiving information.

Universal company codes for this purpose ( are centrally managed by the Electronic Commerce Promotion Center of the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC). The codes can be used by any industry, and have been approved as an international standard. The EC Center has been commissioned to process applications for the registration of codes and to handle their assignment.

The EC Center assigns a six-digit code to a corporation that requires a universal company code (company identification code). Usually, only one code is assigned to one corporation. The codes are intended for use in all industries to promote inter-business electronic commerce, including ECALS, the exchange of delivery specifications and environmental information, the transmission and receipt of orders, and the receipt of shipments.

A company can also append unique six-digit (maximum) department codes (branch codes or department identification codes) to its company code for internal use. These department codes are managed solely by the company, and do not need to be reported to the EC Center.

Format of a company code (up to 12 digits)
Format of a company code (up to 12 digits)


Applicant address is only Japan(Branch office, Affiliated company).
Applying for Initial Registration of a Universal Company Code

Number of Companies That Have Obtained Codes

Number of companies that have obtained codes over the years(PDF download)