EC Center aims to contribute to the development of the electronic device and semiconductor/electronic component industry by maintaining a base for business-to-business electronic commerce and business-to-business concurrent engineering.


EC Center standardizes the types and formats of information related to terminology/transactions. EC Center maintains and manages the standardized information to allow business-to-business electronic interchange/re-utilization of business transaction information and technological information regarding electronic devices, semiconductors/electronic components, etc. EC Center is also involved in the following operations related to the dissemination and promotion of electronic commerce.
(1) Review and implementation of EC strategic tasks in related fields
(2) Upgrade and maintenance of standards relevant to related information
(3) Review and implementation of EC in practical use
(4) Information exchange, international cooperation, and investigative research with related national and international organizations and groups


A collective name for the operations implemented to achieve the goals above is Electronic Commerce ALliance for Global Business Activity (ECALGA) or ECALGA operations.

Committee organization of EC center

Committee organization of EC Center