JEITA/EC Center “ECALS Data Creation Assist Tool 2018 Version”

“ECALS Data Creation Assist Tool 2018 Version” Download(1/4): “Terms of use”

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“Terms of use”
1. Scope
  These Terms of use apply to persons who download and use the “ECALS Data Creation Assist Tool 2018 Version.” The Terms of use come into effect from the time of downloading.
2. Purpose
The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (hereinafter referred to as JEITA) Electronic Commerce Center (hereinafter referred to as the EC Center) established the exchange format which is the standard form for exchanging part characteristic information on electronic parts between companies, and developed the “ECALS Data Creation Assist Tool” as an efficient tool for creating ECALS Data based on the ECALS dictionary.

The EC Center published a banner for downloading this tool in free of charge on the website as a part of its efforts to encourage exchanges of electronic part characteristic information among companies.
3. Copyright
JEITA EC Center possesses Intellectual property rights as the copyright holder.
The copyright notice in the tool is “Copyright © 2012 Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, EC Center All Rights Reserved”
Downloading and using the tool are free but acts infringing on the rights of the copyright owner are strictly prohibited.
4. Disclosure of source code
JEITA EC Center will not publish the source code of this tool.
5. Copyright notice
When using the tool, removal and modification of the copyright notice in the tool are strictly prohibited.
6. Restriction of use
The following acts are prohibited:
- to provide this tool for a fee.
- to decipher the source code by reverse engineering, disassembly, or other way.
- to modify the source code of this tool and to provide it for a fee.
- to earn money by trading of this tool.
7. Disclaimer
The JEITA_EC center is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential (lost profits, business interruption, lost savings and lost of program or data, etc.) damages and problems arising from software or tool provided by EC center under any circumstances.
The JEITA EC Center does not warrant the software reliability, accuracy, completeness and validity, or that there are no defects in the software.
Moreover, the JEITA_EC center does not bear any duties to correct the software even if there are defects in the software and tool.
8. Change of Terms
These Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice.
9. Jurisdiction, applicable law
Japanese law shall apply to the formation of these Terms of Use and their validity, performance and interpretation.
If there is any dispute regarding these Terms of Use you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.