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Agreement Concerning the ECALS Dictionary
1. Status of the ECALS Dictionary
  The computer readable standard dictionary of semiconductor devices and general electronic components (hereinafter referred to as the "ECALS Dictionary") has been developed by Standardization Project of ECALS Steering Committee of Japan Electronic and Information Technology Industries Association (hereinafter referred to as "JEITA"). It is based the standard developed in the ECALS-2 Project (Dec. 1, 1998 - Jan. 7, 2000) on development of a global supply chain foundation for semiconductors and electronic components, one of the Advanced Information Development Experimental Tasks of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) of Japan through the Information-Technology Promotion Agency of Japan (hereinafter referred to as IPA). For harmonization with international standards, the ECALS Dictionary has been developed pursuant and with reference to IEC61360 and ISO13584 to the greatest possible extent.
  JEITA and IPA thank the International Electrotechnical Commission (hereinafter referred to as "IEC") for permission to reproduce extracts from IEC publication 61360-4 entitled "Standard data element types with associated classification scheme for electric components - Part 4: IEC reference collection of standard data element types, component classes and terms" in the ECALS Dictionary. All extracts are copyright of IEC, Geneva, Switzerland. All rights reserved. Further information on the IEC, its publications, including IEC 61360-4 and IEC's activities is available from IEC assumes no responsibility for the reader's interpretation of the material reproduced due to its placement and context in this publication; nor is IEC in any way responsible for any of the other content or accuracy thereof in the ECALS Dictionary.
2. Structure of the ECALS Dictionary
The ECALS Dictionary consists of the following seven (7) documents.
(1) Class Dictionary
(2) Property Dictionary
(3) Class and Property Relation List
(4) Property Value List
(5) Segment Definitions
(6) Template Management Data
(7) Template
3. ECALS Dictionary Ownership and Ownership Rights
  Copyright of the ECALS Dictionary is co-owned by JEITA and the IPA. Notwithstanding, the objective of the said copyright is to assure compatibility and identification vis-a-vis similar dictionaries and does not infringe into the copyrights held by IEC and ISO.
4. Terms and Conditions of the Agreement on ECALS Dictionary Licensing
a. The ECALS Dictionary shall be licensed for use without licensing fee provided that the following terms and conditions and all provisions of the Agreement herein are observed and honored.
b. To reproduce or quote the ECALS Dictionary in full or in part and to alter the Dictionary in any way including addition of classes and properties, the user shall be required to indicate clearly that the ECALS Dictionary is being reproduced or quoted in full or in part at publication of the work. However, the altered work shall not be called "ECALS Dictionary."
c. The following copyright shall be indicated in all publications when using the ECALS Dictionary.
  Copyright c 2000 JEITA/IPA
  Copyright c 1997, IEC, Geneva, Switzerland, and the Edition number of IEC61360-4
d. No one is allowed to provide the ECALS dictionary as "dictionary" without agreement of IEC.
e. The ECALS Dictionary shall be maintained and managed by the JEITA Technical Committee for Standardization / ECALS Steering Committee (hereinafter referred to as "TCS"). In case of use of the ECALS dictionary pursuant the terms and conditions of the Agreement herein and publication with alteration, revision, addition, expansion, etc., of the ECALS Dictionary, the User shall report to TCS accordingly.
f. JEITA and IPA shall reserve the right without limitations to adopt alternation, revision, addition or expansion of classes and properties, etc., of the ECALS Dictionary.
g. JEITA and IPA shall not guarantee full compliance with the international standards IEC61360 and ISO13584 or application of the latest release of IEC61360 and ISO13584. The versions of the ECALS Dictionary published by TCS are listed separately.
h. JEITA and IPA shall not be held liable for any impediment or accident caused by use of the ECALS Dictionary.