JEITA_AIS Creation Support Tool

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (hereinafter referred to as JEITA) Electronic Commerce Center (hereinafter referred to as the EC Center) developed the “JEITA_AIS Creation Support Tool" according to specifications for adding original JEITA functions as an efficient tool for creating Article Information Sheets (hereinafter referred to as AIS), which is the standard form for reporting chemical substance information contained in the product between companies and is proposed by Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (hereinafter referred to as JAMP). The EC Center published a banner for downloading this tool in free of charge on the website as a part of its efforts to encourage exchanges of environmental information among companies.

1.Conceptual diagram of the system

Conceptual diagram of the system

2.Outline of functions:

Title of functions Outline of function
Basic functions AIS creation for original part Create the first AIS for articles to be converted from substances.
Integration Integrate each purchased part according to the product BOM.
Unit conversion Convert the unit of the data indicated to a different unit.
Functions added in version 6.4 AIS creation for the product series. Create individual AIS by copying basic information in cases where the article has identical composition ingredients but the mass is different only.
Accumulation description method Describe all class names and all quantities for (integrated) articles and original parts.
Create response to a request Create an AIS for report use including requester's information (issuing company item number/requester's item number of product series number) provided by requester.
Mass calculation of wastage substance Remove a substance by using the wastage rate registered in advance in the case where the substance contained in purchased materials is eliminated during product processing. The substance mass is calculated by using wastage rate. Volatile substances are covered.
Material conversion Replace a product material that is changed during product processing such as in the case of a chemical reaction.
Information for material conversion must be registered in advance.
Set default values Register company and other information as the default values in advance.
This information can be used during AIS creation.
Set requester information Register requester information as the default values in advance.
This information can be used during AIS creation for report use.
Save and manage data for input use Manage AIS data of original parts and integrated articles for input use.
Cooperation with Production BOM Create AIS for finished products according to the production BOM.
Unit conversion and automatic calculation of mass Automatically calculate mass by using a unit conversion factor even if the total mass calculation between materials with different mass units like weight and length is not easy.
Register the unit conversion factors in advance. 
Functions added in version 7.0 Create provided information based on request Requester information can be added to the AIS that is being created.
Separation of the product name and issuing company item number The product name and issuing company item number shared the same field item, but a field for each has been created. 
(When the product name field is the blank, the product name is the same as the issuing company item number.)
Change to file for report use It is possible to change the file for report use (particularly integrated files and setting a file name that is different from the original).
Insert a comment into the file name for input use The content of the remarks column is reflected in the file name.
Re-integration with the same issuing company item number Re-integration can be performed even if the supplier issuing company item numbers are the same as those of other suppliers.
Exchange inter-company special item Information items that do not exist in the AIS can be exchanged between companies as specific arrangement items.
Improvement of operability Created user menu bar to improve operability.
JAMA conversion JAMA data can be created by a combination of functions for "AIS for input use/report use" and "extraction / accumulation ".
Functions added in version 7.1 Separation of XML data by sheet type XML data can be separated according to each AIS sheet type (extraction, accumulation provision and extraction, and accumulation requests).
MSDSplus integration MSDSplus data can be integrated


3.Execution Environments of the S/W

4.Certificate by JAMP 

The "JEITA_AIS Creation Support Tool" has been certified as a "JAMP AIS Compilation System" by JAMP in Sep of 2012. The following is the JAMP Certificate.

Certificate by JAMP


To use the "JEITA_AIS Creation Support Tool," please download the tool after agreeing to the "Terms of use"

Note: The "Terms of use" will become effective from the time of downloading.


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