IBIS Open Forumの議長であるRandy Wolff氏からのご挨拶です。

Hello JEITA members,

JEITA and the IBIS Open Forum have a long history of partnership going back to at least 2006 when we held our first joint Asian IBIS Summit meeting in Tokyo. This strong partnership has helped advance the signal integrity and modeling interests of our joint communities.

Participation in the IBIS Open Forum’s task groups by JEITA members is encouraged. Ideas for improvements to the IBIS specification may be shared through IBIS task group email reflectors, presentations at IBIS Summit or task group meetings, and through official submission of IBIS BIRDs (Buffer Issue Resolution Documents). More information on joining IBIS task groups and submitting BIRDs is found on the IBIS website.

The IBIS Open Forum looks forward to continued innovation and contributions from Japanese participants, helping IBIS to better serve the needs of technology companies in Japan.

Best regards,
Randy Wolff
Chair, IBIS Open Forum